Call Center

Reduce your agents’ tasks while increasing the quality to exceed your KPIs. Most notably, the following KPIs will be improved


Decrease the Average Handling Time: Automate your System navigation as well as full documentation during and after the call.

Hold Time

Reduce the time customers wait in line,for higher satisfaction and a professional brand image.

Transfer Rate

No more transferring customers from one agent to another. With SIA every agent has access to a vast knowledge base and can concentrate on what they do best: High quality customer interaction.

Training time

SIA navigates your system, therefore the training time is reduced significantly.


Raise your First Call Resolution.

Knowledge & Professionalism 

Augment your agents’ knowledge and professionalism with SIA’s ad-hoc retrievable knowledge-base.

SIA integrates seamlessly into your system through a web-based application. Get the best out of your agents and technology.

Repetitive tasks

Repetitive tasks take up a lot of time, the quality of these tasks sink dramatically after a short time span and on top of that, they often demand to multitask, resulting in stress for your employees.


Right now your call center agent still needs to validate the customer’s personal information, document the data, specify the call’s reason, navigate the system, communicate with the customer and document the solution – all at the same time.

With SIA your agent will only be responsible for the communication.

Repetitive tasks

Reduce the time needed by your agents to get familiar with the system.

Achieve higher efficiency

Achieve higher efficiency, accuracy, and consistency.

Natural Language Processing

Using the latest NLP technologies, SIA extracts information from any conversation, puts it into the designated space and pulls up relevant information for your agent to check.


SIA undertakes the documentation, standardizes it, and navigates the system so that your agent can concentrate fully on the interaction with the customer.

Your AI-augmented Agent: No more stress through multitasking and a new level of quality.